NorCal Interlock may not disclose any reports to individuals other than licensed professionals. Reports will be submitted promptly upon receipt of any fee related to processing them. A receipt of all necessary approvals is also required.

The Interlock XT uses a camera to record the image of the individual using the device.

Please refer to the state laws at or with your legal advisor to determine if anyone other than the program participant is allowed to operate your motor vehicle when a device is installed.

If you are not the registered owner, A notarized Owner’s Consent to Installation form or the owner of the vehicle must accompany you to the appointment.

  • State of Federal issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Military, Passport)
  • Vehicle Registration
  • All Court Ordered documents
  • A fully functional car including battery, electrical systems, horn, etc.  All repairs to these items must be completed prior to installation of your interlock device.

Please call our number at 1-833-384-7233 or submit an inquiry online to to check on our latest rates. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service & competitive prices related to installation, calibration, reporting, and maintenance.

All installations must follow California State Law’s. Please refer to for additional interlock information. In addition, you may check with any monitoring authority or legal adviser for more specific questions related to DUI procedures or local jurisdiction laws.

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